Peep Art!

A homage to Those yellow and sticky Confections

Peep Poetry

Peep Poetry exists for the same reason all poetry exists, to attempt to express, in our imperfect humanness, our feelings and desires concerning the popular marshmallow confection. Human creativity has spawned several poetic styles, each capable of expressing a differnt facet of our peepal affection. We present here our humble efforts.


Based on the venerable tradition of the Japanese haiku, peepku aspire to capture the essence of peepness in its minimalist form. (Inspired by Spamku.)

Stephen Blessing

yellow bunny fluff

nutrionless confection

harbor of my soul

stuck to the paper

an angel from heaven's door

pastel in color

Shaun Vecera

a peep on my wall

both yin and yang together

essence of Buddha

after Easter morn

discount candy in the store

why not buy some peeps?

Craig Stark

nuke one and it's hard

though starts life soft and fluffy

crunchy, crusty, burnt

creative outlet

avoid the dissertation

dynamic art form

Shaun hadn't done it

Stephen the wise young master

Disciples abound

Lisa Haverty

sweet sugary sweet

the peep melts not in your hands

oh easters of youth

haiku form is strange

haven't done this since 3rd grade

peeps are much cooler

Ishmael Ribar (submitted by a passerby)

marshmallow gold hearts

sugary heroes to all

paradise is peep

Billy Pilgrim (submitted by a fan)

soft, unassuming

little blue peep awaits fate

flawless digestion

oh terrible deed

nobody eats biker peeps

i will be hunted


The most jocular of the poetic forms, limerpeeps attempt to make you laugh as they entertain you.

Lisa Haverty

Now, limericks are much more my style

They're not like those Peepku, so vile

They actually rhyme

And so don't waste your time

Plus, they hail from the great Emerald Isle!

It was after one Easter we spied

Stale bunny confections all dried

yellow, purple, and pink

now, just who would think?

that those peeps would look so pretty, fried?

Stephen Blessing

The Peep hanging on the wall

Wished it could be seven feet tall

Trying to get down

It fell on the ground

And decided to go to the mall

Craig Stark

There once was a peep from Nantucket

Who Steve on some paper stuck it

In the 'wave it flew

It's fluff burned and grew

Were it not art he'd be tossed in the bucket


In both the Shakespearean and Italian traditions, sonpeeps will touch your innermost being.

Stephen Blessing

Oh, lovely Peep on the wall,

would that you could talk to me,

on the telephone I would call,

because I believe it is our detiny.

Bound to each other hand in hand,
our fate, it is writ, is intertwined,
I must proclaim it throughout the land,
after we have danced and dined.

I don't believe I will ever meet,
another candy that will tear me away,
for as a confection you are simply sweet,
and are always there to save the day.

Oh Peep of mine be true,

and my emotions will never be blue.

Free Peep Verse

Unbridled by rhyming and meter (but free to bastardize existing poems), free peep verse allows the Peep Poet to express their deepest thoughts on the yummy treat.

Stephen Blessing

This is the way the peep ends,

This is the way the peep ends,

This is the way the peep ends,

Not with a bang but with a whimper.

Tracey Grzegorczyk (another passerby)

I think that I shall never eat

a snack as puffy as a peep.

Mushy mallow, sugar sweet
taffy-pully-spongy peep.

Fresh from the box, or caref'ly aged
freed from their cardboard/cello cage.

Life-like yellow; peeps all-white
pretty pinky peeps I like.

Lavendar, my special hue
for purple teeth-and-tongue ensue.

What's this, among my mallow treats?
Why, the newest one... it's aquapeeps!

Katie (yet another passerby)

o peeps,

you are so sweet.

the yellow ones are the best
but the others still past my test.

easter is my favorite time of year
because a day without peeps is something i fear.

i do believe that my mouth can sense when they are near,
oh peeps, how i love you!

the purple ones are the second favorite of mine,
but on all peeps i do dine.

yellow, purple, white, pink or blue,
which peeps are best to you?

A Peep Fan

A Peep without 2p's

Is something I

don't want to see

its inane
but it names the same
when the lost letter
seeks solo fame

By IdleI


Peeping around the corner,
I notice that little Jack Horner,
has sickend of plum and is glum,

He is grey as a cloud,
Yet not fluffy nor proud,
I should peep him and head to the sauner,

If you've micro' peeped,
then you're silly, not deep,
You should try it without cutting corners.

You see, Jack and I have not only to fry,
but to steam and to bake and then eat,
For to waste any peep,
Is to loose lots of sleep,
Over somthing you should never have tried

Reader Additions

If you have been inspired by your visit to the Peep Art site, and would like to try your hand at writing Peep Poetry, then please submit your ideas to Stephen Blessing. Thanks!

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