Peep Art!

A homage to Those yellow and sticky Confections

About Peep Art

Peep Art exists on many levels. First, the use of a sweet, nutritionless food mirrors the modern society: attractive on the outside, yet hollow in the center. Second, the three dimensionality of the peep popping from the page (which, unfortunately, cannot be given justice through the computer medium) provides for an excitement that other artistic media simply cannot reach. Finally, the economy of expression and Spartanness of the works convey a loneliness and serenity that speaks to the Common Man.

Peeps are seen in stores generally only at Easter time, a religious celebration. But as can be seen, Halloween peeps also exist. Halloween also has its origins as a religious holiday. Therefore, connections between Peep Art and religious symbolism abound. A common theme in Peep Art pieces is that of re-birth and the transcendance of death. When one groks a Peep Art masterpiece, one is that much closer to understanding the mysteries of the universe.

Peep Art exists in three-dimensional space. It has a texture and a color unmatched by any other medium. In an attempt to make Peep Art available to the people, we have digitized the works and made them available on the World-Wide Web. Obviously, Peep Art's 3-D-ness is lost. However, the resplendent nature of the medium is adequately revealed. If you wish to make a pilgrimage to experience the Peep Art in person, see the contact information below.

Despite the depth of Peep Art, the tools and methods used to construct it are readily available. Indeed, outside of the Peep itself, nothing else is required. The plainness of the Art strips away the artificiality found in most other media.

The Creation

For all its apparent complexities and intricacies, Peep Art is easily created. All that is required is a peep, a piece of paper, a creative mind, and a microwave:

  • Envision the ultimate
  • Endear the Peep to the paper
  • Entreat the microwave for 20-30 seconds
  • Enliven the paper with whatever decoration desired
  • Enjoy the masterpiece


Peep Art is on display Carnegie Mellon University, Baker Hall, room 434 ("Vestigial Acres"). Hours are variable, so please e-mail to arrange a time.

The original works are Peeps on 8.5 x 11" white paper, with colored markers. Peep0 also contains Columbia House Music Club Stickers. The art was captured as a digital image for use on this site with a JVC S-VHS Camcorder attached to a Macintosh Quadra 840AV.

Copyright © 2006 Stephen Blessing and Shaun Vecera. All rights reserved.